Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.



TOY:…………………$28.00 per night

SMALL : …………..$30.00 per night

MEDIUM :………...$32.00 per night

LARGE :……………$34.00 per night

EXTRA LARGE :..$36.00 per night

Charged at a nightly rate and includes premium wet and dry food, hammock style bedding and outdoor playtime twice per day for a minimum of 20 minutes per session.


CATS :……………..$18.50 per night

Charged at a nightly rate and includes premium wet and dry food, bedding and outdoor playtime for a minimum of 30 minutes 1 x daily.


At ‘It’s A Dogs Life’ we do not increase our boarding rates during normal peak periods (i.e.: school holidays, Christmas / New Year, long weekends etc). However to help with the cost of operating our services you will incur a public holiday surcharge that will automatically be invoiced to you at booking. This is only a one day charge for any public holiday that your pet/s is staying with us.

These surcharges are charged as follows:

DOG : …$10.00 per enclosure booked

CATS :…$5.00 per enclosure booked

Our office is closed to the public on all allocated Victorian Public Holidays (except Easter Monday). There are no pickup, drop-offs or transport services available on these days.


There is a 10 night minimum stay for bookings that include boarding between the following dates:

  • 20th December - 31st January

This minimum stay is irrespective of the number of pets boarding.

For all other times of the year there are no minimum stay requirements.


Payment for your pets stay is to be made in full, either prior, or on the day of admission.  Generally no deposits are required, except for the peak periods that are set out below.

A peak period is considered as:

  • All gazetted Victorian School Holidays

  • All gazetted Victorian Public Holidays

  • Easter

  • Christmas & New Year period between 20th December through till the 31st January

All bookings that include any part of a peak period requires an upfront 30% deposit to be paid in order to secure and confirm your booking. All bookings will remain ‘unconfirmed’ until a deposit has been recieved.

Deposits are required to paid by the date stated on your booking confirmation email. If we have not received your deposit by the set date then your booking will automatically be cancelled and void.

There are no refunds for shortened stays for booking made over peak periods.


Paw Print Park $15.00 per half hour

One-on-One play time in our quarter acre grassed parkland.

Fresh Bones: $2.00 each

Fresh Beef Knuckle or shank bone.

Dog Treats: Varying prices

See in store for our range of treats.


We do have discounts for extended stays and multiple pets.

1 pet 10% discount for stays greater than 28 nights.

2 pets 10% discount for stay greater than 14 nights.

3 pets 10% discount on boarding fees for stays greater than 7 nights.

NO discounts apply to any stays over peak periods irrespective of the length of the stay.





All washes include a double wash, conditioner, flea rinse (if required), blow dry, nails trimmed ears cleaned and deodorised.



Small/Toy    $30.00 (examples of small / toy breeds are: Jack Russell Terrier, Chihuahua, Pug)

Medium       $35.00 (examples of medium breeds are: Beagle, Staffy, Boxer, Labradore)

Large           $45.00 (examples of large breeds are: Shorthaired Pointer, German Shepherd, Dalmatian)

Giant            $50.00 (examples of giant breeds are: Irish Wolf Hound, Great Dane, Rhodesian Ridgeback)

* $15.00 surcharge applies to all dogs with a double coat.  Examples of these types of breeds are: Samoyed, Husky, Japanese Spitz, Pomeranian etc.


Nail Clipping: $10.00.......... assuming your dog lets us!


'DOGRUN' - Pickup & Drop-off Service


Transport service: $2.10 per kilometre or $20.00 flat rate for transport service less than 10km

Charged at a per kilometre rate between the kennels and the pick-up / drop-off point.  This service is calculated using the website (shortest way with tolls).  

The transport service is available every day except on public holidays.

Please note that there are no discounts on this service.