Paw Print Park

One of the latest additions to our kennels is the new dog park that we have aptly named 'PAW PRINT PARK'.


Grip enjoying a run in the sun in 'Paw Print Park' at It's A Dogs Life Boarding Kennels, Cattery & Grooming.


Set out on over 1000M2 of land , Paw Print Park boasts a number of features allowing your pet to safely have a run in the park!

  • Large manicured grass area for your dogs to run free
  • Paw Print Park is fully enclosed with secure 3m high chain mesh fencing and concrete channels run under the fence perimeter.  This deters those dogs that fancy themselves as a bit of an escape artist!
  • The double gated entry to the park ensures for a safe entry and exit to and from the park.
  • Shaded picnic area in Paw Print Park allows customers to sit and relax when they visit their dogs.

To enhance our dogs boarding experience while they stay with us you can organise to have a one-on-one exercise session in Paw Print Park.

Here one of our handlers takes your dog out into the park and spends an interactive half an hour playing and socialising with them, throwing a ball or frisbee or playing tug-of-war.  Apart from the social benefits your dog gains from this, a session in Paw Print Park will also enhance their daily exercise and allow them to burn off some excess energy.