Pro Plan 'Fussy & Beauty' Small Breed Formula Kibble

Purina Proplan new Fussy & Beauty Small Breed Formula Kibble

At 'Its A Dogs Life' we are now stocking the new 'FUSSY & BEAUTY' Small Breed Formula Kibble.

New from Pro Plan the Fussy & Beauty Small Breed Formula kibble has been designed for those small dog breeds that are fussier and more petite and do not generally eat large amounts of food. 

This kibble is a highly digestible formula enabling your dog to receive optimal nutrition from a lesser quantity of food.

Formulated with concentrated ingredients the specially designed small kibble enables your dog gets their required dietary intake of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals without having to eat large quantities of food.

With a superior taste, the 'Fussy & Beauty' formula is made from high quality ingredients including real chicken as the number one ingredient for a superior taste that even fussy dogs will love.

Healthy Skin & Radiant Coat

Formulated with vitamins A and E, zinc and linoleum acid to help promote skin cell growth for thick and more elastic skin, minerals and amino acids to help enhance natural color of the hair, plus high quality protein and omega fatty acids for a shiny, glossy coat.

Strong Healthy Teeth

Calcium, phosphorous and other minerals help support strong teeth, plus the special kibble design promotes chewing for fresher breath and helps reduce plaque build up.


Feeding Recommendation

Feeding chart for recommended amounts for small breeds.

Available in 3kg bags, they retail at our store of $37.00 each.  

Also ask us about the Purina Frequent Buyers Card, where you purchase 9 bags and get the 10th one FREE.


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