Our kennels provide individual accommodation for your pets.  Providing a fresh, clean light-filled environment for your pets, giving them the privacy and relaxation they deserve.  Our kennels are large enough for your pets to stay together during their time with us.

Built as a quadrangle with solid concrete base and central play yards, our kennels are very spacious.  Each individual kennel is divided with a solid insulated panel up to 1.2 m and the remainder of walls are constructed with a durable box mesh to the ceiling.  Perfect for those dogs who pride themselves on being an escape artist!

When you book your pets stay at 'It's A Dogs Life' you can be assured that the kennel will be for your pets stay and not shared with other dogs, even during peak seasons.

Once they have had enough excitement for the day they can relax and sleep on a hammock bed in their own private quarters. Each kennels contains a generously sized bed for your dogs comfort.  You may want to supplement their bedding with some of your dog's favourite blankets and soft cushion bedding from home.

Music is piped throughout the complex and all in all we aim to provide a relaxing, safe and tranquil atmosphere for your dog.  Fixed ceiling fans provide that nice breeze throughout the summer months.



Our outdoor sand runs are large, and provide us with an opportunity to play and interact with your pet.  The use of sand is intended to provide a clean and hygienic play area and allow for regular sanitation. Another aspect of the sand is to allow your dog to play and exercise even directly after a rainy period without getting muddy. It also gives your dog that run on the beach feeling!

If you feel that your dog would benefit from more exercise, then why not organise to have them play in 'Paw Print Park'.  This one-on-one session in our manicured dog park is sure to tire them out for an afternoon of snoozing!



For security and peace of mind our facility is never unattended.  We live on site, and there is always someone here 24/7.  

Closed Circuit Television Cameras are placed through out the facility and relayed back to a number of points around the site for us to monitor.



We supply all pets with their own hammock type bed during their stay here.  All liners are new, and all steel frames are cleaned and disinfected between each of our guests.  We also supply all food and water bowls.

If you would like to supplement their bedding with some extra comfy bits from home feel free to bring them along.


As our standard diet we stock and serve you dogs Proplan premium dry kibble.  This kibble is a high energy, highly digestible formula suitable for all stages of a dogs life.  A complete diet containing all the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids required for optimum health.  It also contains natural sources of glucosamine to effectively prevent joint damage.

For those dogs suffering from some skin and stomach issues we also stock and serve Proplan Sensitive kibble as part of our standard diet.  This kibble is formulated for dogs with food sensitivities effecting the skin and stomach.  Scientifically formulated with selected ingredients help to minimise adverse food reactions.  This kibble has been specifically developed to help reduce skin inflammation, assist in skin repair and with natural probiotics to help promote optimal digestion. 

3 Performance 3D render.jpg

For those fussier pallets we also stock and serve EcoPet Prime 100 Premium natural cooked chicken roll.  These rolls are carefully blended, cooked and chilled to create a perfectly balanced, wholesome meal for dogs.

  • Contains a perfect blend of Premium Chicken and Beef
  • Added peas and carrots
  • No Offal
  • No cheap fillers
  • No added preservatives
  • Added vitamins and minerals


Generally all dogs take well to this diet irrespective of their home diet.  However, be rest assured if your pet does not eat our standard diet we go out of our way to find something they will eat.

If you would prefer your pets to continue on the same diet they have at home we can accommodate for 'owner preference' diets.



If you want to give your dogs that something extra while they stay with us you can bring in some treats and things that we can give them.  Alternatively we stock a large selection of treats in our store.


special requirements:

At 'It's A Dogs Life' we are happy to provide assistance to pets that may have some special requirements, and generally this assistance does not incur any extra charges.

Sometimes there are some pets that need that bit of extra attention including elderly dogs, dogs with disabilities, puppies etc.  

Please notify one of our staff to see how we can assist to make your pets stay more comfortable.



If your pets require any medication during their stay we are happy to administer medication as specified.  Our medication charts alway help us to keep track of meds to make sure any special requirements and instructions are highlighted.  Best of all, its all part of our friendly care, and we do not charge any extra for this service. 


If you would like to have your pet washed and groomed, clean and shampooed! why not organise for one of our qualified groomers to pamper your pet during their stay.  

We organise grooms and washed for the day of pickup so you take your pet home all clean and smelling nice.


staying in contact:

If you want to find out how your pets are travelling while your away, please get in contact with us either by phone, email or Facebook for photos and updates.  It's always reassuring to have peace of mind that your pet is safe and enjoying themselves while you are away.