Come in  and take a walk through our cat retreat.  You will instantly be invited into a colourful world of feline friendliness. 

Our dedicated staff are always available to tend to your cat's every requirement.  There is no need to stress because at 'It's A Dogs Life' you can be assured your cat will be looked after, and will want to come back time and time again.

Our cat quarters offer a clean, spacious, light-filled environment giving your feline friend the comfort and privacy that are synonymous with cats.

The building is insulated and well ventilated with windows and skylights throughout.  

Our Indoor cat enclosures includes:

  • An elevated sleeping platform with a large polar fleece blanket to snuggle into.

  • A ramp to connect the bottom and upper levels.

  • Food and water bowls with choice of wet and dry food from our premium Proplan range.

  • Litter tray with odour absorbing litter cleaned daily and checked periodically throughout the day.

  • Up to three enclosures can be opened up into one to accommodate for up to three cats of the same family.


You may want to bring along some homely comforts for your cat to enjoy during their stay.  This may include extra bedding, toys and treats.


Our indoor enclosures are complimented with our outdoor cat courtyard.  Here your cat is sure to enjoy the sun and fresh air in our safe and secure outdoor playpens, including tiered platforms, hammock lounge and connecting tunnels between each of the enclosures.

Set amongst tranquil manicured garden settings your cat will enjoy a minimum of 30 minutes per day in our our courtyard as part of their daily boarding.




As our standard diet we stock and serve you cats Proplan premium dry kibble.  This kibble is a high energy, highly digestible formula including high levels of antioxidants for overall health and wellness.  It is also formulated with high levels of Omega Fatty Acids for radiant skin and coat.  A complete diet containing all the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids required for optimum health, including vitamin A and Taurine for bright health eyes and good vision. 


We also serve a selection of Fancy Feast tinned foods for those cats with fussier pallets.

For cats that suffer from some skin and stomach issues we also stock and serve Proplan Sensitive kibble as part of our standard diet.  This kibble is formulated for cats with food sensitivities effecting the skin and stomach.  Scientifically formulated with selected ingredients help to minimise adverse food reactions.  This kibble has been specifically developed to help reduce skin inflammation, assist in skin repair and with natural probiotics to help promote optimal digestion. 



If your pets require any medication during their stay we are happy to administer medication as specified.  Our medication charts alway help us to keep track of meds to make sure any special requirements and instructions are highlighted.  Best of all, its all part of our friendly care, and we do not charge any extra for this service. 


For security and peace of mind our facility is never unattended.  We live on site, and there is always someone here 24/7.  

Closed Circuit Television Cameras are placed through out the facility and relayed back to a number of points around the site for us to monitor.


At 'It's A Dogs Life' we are happy to provide assistance to pets that may have some special requirements, and generally this assistance does not incur any extra charges.

Sometimes there are some pets that need that bit of extra attention including elderly cats, cats with disabilities, kittens etc.  

Please notify one of our staff to see how we can assist to make your pets stay more comfortable.


If you want to find out how your pets are travelling while your away, please get in contact with us either by phone, email or Facebook for photos and updates.  It's always reassuring to have peace of mind that your pet is safe and enjoying themselves while you are away.